This was a University Project in my third year of my Industrial Design degree, this paper was focused around Sustainability. We were asked to pick an existing product and redesign it to be more sustainable. We were told to produce a Design Brief before moving through the design process to ensure our concepts stayed on target. 

The ONE RAZOR aims to change consumer behaviour by moving away from use of disposable and cartridge razors and restoring the ritual around the morning shave. By adding value through materials used and designing a product that is enjoyable and easy to use, we can reinstate the morning ritual of shaving, the consumer will be more likely to hold on to the product and cherish it than throw it out into landfill each morning. 

"Disposable razors make shaving into a futile battle, detached from history, context, and personal investment. Disposable razors don’t exist in time, only in this moment. Such razors aren’t owned, they are used, their capabilities exploited, and then tossed aside. Not even tools, they are slaves. We are incapable of building relationships to them, and the object never feigns to want one. Here, repetition of the action is detached from the object, and from any meaningful context, it is a chore."
 Schenk, L. 2011. Ritual Objects. 

Manufactured entirely from Stainless Steel, the ONE Razor adds value to the shaving razor and allows for redesign and release of new models if required as the whole razor can quickly be recycled as it is completely one single material. 

The sleek stylings in the Stainless Steel handle add value to the razor by making it desirable to the current young professionals market. 

The blades can easily be changed by the vice grip mechanism holding them in place, which requires minimum handling of the blade. It can be ejected with one swift slide and turn. 

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